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Scott Dugas Trucking & Excavating



With D-3 and D-5 bulldozers, graders, excavators, and a John Deere tractor we can handle any grading need you may have.


Using our bulldozers or excavators, along with our tractor mounted power rake, we can improve the grade of your current lawn, improve the drainage, or enlarge it.

Roads, Driveways, and Parking Lots

In addition to building new or re-building existing roads, driveways and parking lots, we can also grade what's there or add material to these existing surfaces using gravel, stone or reclaim products on a one-time or annual basis. We have a tractor mounted york rake, bulldozers and road graders to handle grading requirements of any site. We have three vibratory rollers and always roll any new road, driveway or parking lot surface to prevent washing or erosion issues. If you desire pavement, we have experienced operators to handle all the preparation and long-standing relationships with sub-contractors to get the paving done right.